PSA Licence Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV and Access Control

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We no longer hold a licence to carry out works on intruder alarm systems, access control or CCTV systems, however we may sub contract these types of works.

Licensed to alarm.

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We have just completed our annual audit for the license to carry out the installation and maintenance of intruder alarm systems.  Do make sure that your alarm installer is licensed by checking the PSA site for the list of qualified and licensed contractors.


Be Security Conscious.

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The current trend in the media with ads on all the TV channels for “cash” for gold, has had the effect on the number of house break-ins where the only reason for the break in is the removal of gold.  It is seen as an easy target, a quick and easy item to walk away with.

Therefore it is in your interest to have your intruder alarm system serviced and in good working order and where you don’t yet have and alarm system installed, we urge you to have a system installed.

We remind you that when having an intruder alarm system installed to make sure that the installer is a registered and licenced contractor – licenced by the PSA, Private Security Authority.

We would be happy to call to your premises and carry out a survey for an intruder alarm system, call Daniel at 0872514860 to arrange a suitable appointment.


Service contracts.

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Someone posed the question “how many times a year or how often should I get my intruder alarm system serviced?”  The answer is “It depends”, the environment in which the alarms system operates will impact on how often the system requires to be serviced.  If the system is giving a number of false alarm activations then there is a reason for the activations and this should be investigated.

A newly installed alarm may in certain circuminstances require attention when the sensitivity of the sensors might require adjustment, outside influnces that can impact the operation of a system would be heavy passing traffic or even barking dogs.

It is however recommended that domestic systems be checked at least once per year, among the parts of the system that may require attention is the battery.  The battery is one part of the intruder alarm system that is vital, this will enable the system to operate even in the event of a power failure.  The lenght of time that it will operate for will however depend on the battery.

Should you require a service to be carried out on your intruder alarm system please contact Daniel at 0872514860 to arrange a suitable time.

Its Official!

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Well its official now, we have received our licence as issued by the PSA – Private Security Authority. This is now your guarantee that An Garda Siochana has vetted us. Our workmanship has been tested and verified as having reached the required standard for the installation of intruder alarm systems. The Chief Executive Officer of the PSA, Geraldine Larkin, has issued our licence.

Not only has our quality of workmanship been tested and checked but our document and record keeping has been checked and confirmed as reaching the standard as set down in EN50131 and SR40. This is to enable you the client to have quotations received in writing and to be able to compare like with like, to cut out the jargon and give specifications in plain English.

This is an ideal time to have your alarm system installed or indeed serviced before the dark evenings are upon us. We all rely on our alarm systems every day and night and it is only when it is broken that we are put in a vulnerable position. So now is a good time to have it checked and serviced.


Certified to install alarms!

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I mentioned yesterday that we are now certified to install intruder alarm systems and other electronic security systems, like access control systems and CCTV systems, but very few people are aware of the fact that this area is now covered by legislation.  The Minister who enacted this was Mr. McDowell, it was at the time brought in to cover and licence the manned security area, door men and the like.  It was then extended to cover the electronic area of the industry, regardless of the fact that electricians were trained in the installation and maintenance of the equipment there are also consequences for the client. 

The client who has some electronic security systems installed is ment to check that the supplier/ installer is licenced to carry out this work.  The downside is that the client is at risk of a fine and/or prosecution if they have not checked this regardless of the fact that it is not widely publicized.  So now that you are aware of the fact…… pass it on.  If you know of someone who is getting an alarm system installed let them know to ask the installer if they are licenced and ask to see proof.



Don’t leave it to the last minute

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Most people look forward to their summer holidays, days spent away from home and away from the day to day worries. The one thing that should not be overlooked when organising this is to have your home alarm system serviced before you head away. This is something that can be organised and planned for in advance and it will give you such peace of mind knowing that your precious belongings are well protected.
If on the other hand you do not have an existing intruder alarm system you should consider having one fitted prior to your annual holiday. Always get more than one quote, always get a written quote – then you can compare like with like – and know exactly what you are getting for your money.


Private Security Authority

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It is now an offence to have a security alarm system fitted either to your home or business premises by an installer who is not a holder of the appropriate licence to install such a system.  There is a fine applicable to both the installer and the client.