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We are like a lot of other businesses on Facebook, and while the page has been there quite a while now we’ve only got around to putting a cover on the page today.  Since we’ve gone to the trouble of putting together a Wordle containing most of the aspects and areas in which we work, we’ve shared a screenshot here.  If you are not already a follower then do join us and like our page.facebook-pedreschi1

Energy Saving Bulbs, savings made easy with Eco Bulbz App.

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If you are considering replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy saving bulbs and would like to know how much money you would save by carrying out this task, then look no further than a great little App, Eco-Bulbz to figure that out.

Eco Bulbz is available at both the App Store and the Android Market.  The instructions on the app itself are easy to follow.

So it’s easy to see the benefits of replacing bulbs for energy saving bulbs as you will see the amount of money saved over a year of use.

Download the App now and see how much you could save.

Here’s the link to the App Store http://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/eco-bulbz-basic/id424063871?mt=8

Or the full paid version link http://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/eco-bulbz/id393190826?mt=8






Download your copy now to see how much money you would save by simply replacing bulbs, plus you will also be saving energy.

Electrical Safety

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Electrical safety should always be forefront in the mind particularly in the home.  Care should be taken if there is a smell from shower switches, like the one pictured below.  If you happen to smell fish from your switch you should discontinue using the shower. Turn the switch off and call a qualified electrician to check out the wiring and the switch.

Your electrical contractor should be qualified, insured and included on the Safe Electric register.



Irish Tatler Exchange Feature

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We were featured in the Exchange section of the May edition of Irish Tatler, when they featured members of Network Ireland, Kildare Branch.




Annual Inspection

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While we have many items and systems checked and serviced like our heating boiler or intruder alarm system, we very rarely have a vital part of our home given an annual inspection.  The vital part I refer to is the wiring and fuse board/consumer board.

Over time the installation deteriorates, the insulation becomes brittle and often falls away from the copper within the cabling, this causes arcing and in trun may lead to a fire.

Having the electrics tested and inspected will give you piece of mind that your installation is up to current standards and is safe.

RECI recommend that the electrical installation should be tested and checked about every five years.  For more information from the RECI website about home safety check this link http://www.reci.ie/ConsumerServices/HomeSafety/tabid/58/Default.aspx


Safety First

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We are always conscious of safety issues.  We would like to share this picture with you all, its a switch that was controlling an electric shower but it could easily have been controlling a cooker and the result could have been a lot worst.

Electricity has the power to cause fires and even electric shock, it is this very reason that we only use reputable equipment.  It does mean that very often we will be more expensive when quoting against other contractors, but our reputation depends on the quality of work we install.  If you have a shower switch or cooker switch like this one and it either sticks or smells of burning or a fish like smell – then we urge you not to use the appliance but call out a reputable electrician to check the suspect switch.  Don’t take the risk with your safety, the safety of your family and that of your home.



And the winner is…

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We held a competition recently during the National Enterprise Week which was run by the Bank Of Ireland. We are delighted to announce the winner of this competition is I.McCrean of Castleknock, the prize of a €50 voucher for the Blanchardstown Centre is on its way to you.

National Enterprise Week

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We were delighted to present our business to the customers of the Bank Of Ireland Blanchardstown branch during the recently held National Enterprise Week.  The initiative is a great way for business to have a showcase in what can only be described as a very busy space.

There were also a number of events hosted by Bank Of Ireland throughout the country with some very enthusiastic speakers from a variety of backgrounds, be it business or academic.  A considerable amount of work was put into the organization of such a countrywide event and we wish to acknowledge this fact and say a very big Thank You to each member of staff who were involved.

Further information can be found here at All About Business

Safe Electric

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The new scheme for the Electrical Regulatory Safety ensures that all electrical installations are carried out by competent electrical contractors.  This scheme is being heavily advertised at present and is informing the general public of the importance of using a Registered Electrical Contractor and why it is important to always get a Completion Certificate.

Only registered contractors will be permited to use the Safe Electric logo,  as members of RECI we are therefore allowed use this logo on both our paperwork along with our website.


The Safe Electric website has further information about the scheme.

CIBSE Conference

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We attended the CIBSE conference recently which was held at the Clontarf Castle.  It was a very informative day with good speakers from a range of backgrounds and areas both based in Ireland and other parts of Europe, all of which added different aspects to the topics covered on the day.  The event was opened by Minister Eamon Ryan.

CIBSE is the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers,membership is open to engineers or students studying in this field. Further details can be found on the website http://www.cibseireland.org/