Energy Saving Bulbs, savings made easy with Eco Bulbz App.

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If you are considering replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy saving bulbs and would like to know how much money you would save by carrying out this task, then look no further than a great little App, Eco-Bulbz to figure that out.

Eco Bulbz is available at both the App Store and the Android Market.  The instructions on the app itself are easy to follow.

So it’s easy to see the benefits of replacing bulbs for energy saving bulbs as you will see the amount of money saved over a year of use.

Download the App now and see how much you could save.

Here’s the link to the App Store

Or the full paid version link





Download your copy now to see how much money you would save by simply replacing bulbs, plus you will also be saving energy.

Annual Inspection

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While we have many items and systems checked and serviced like our heating boiler or intruder alarm system, we very rarely have a vital part of our home given an annual inspection.  The vital part I refer to is the wiring and fuse board/consumer board.

Over time the installation deteriorates, the insulation becomes brittle and often falls away from the copper within the cabling, this causes arcing and in trun may lead to a fire.

Having the electrics tested and inspected will give you piece of mind that your installation is up to current standards and is safe.

RECI recommend that the electrical installation should be tested and checked about every five years.  For more information from the RECI website about home safety check this link


Safety First

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We are always conscious of safety issues.  We would like to share this picture with you all, its a switch that was controlling an electric shower but it could easily have been controlling a cooker and the result could have been a lot worst.

Electricity has the power to cause fires and even electric shock, it is this very reason that we only use reputable equipment.  It does mean that very often we will be more expensive when quoting against other contractors, but our reputation depends on the quality of work we install.  If you have a shower switch or cooker switch like this one and it either sticks or smells of burning or a fish like smell – then we urge you not to use the appliance but call out a reputable electrician to check the suspect switch.  Don’t take the risk with your safety, the safety of your family and that of your home.



Safe Electric

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The new scheme for the Electrical Regulatory Safety ensures that all electrical installations are carried out by competent electrical contractors.  This scheme is being heavily advertised at present and is informing the general public of the importance of using a Registered Electrical Contractor and why it is important to always get a Completion Certificate.

Only registered contractors will be permited to use the Safe Electric logo,  as members of RECI we are therefore allowed use this logo on both our paperwork along with our website.


The Safe Electric website has further information about the scheme.

Here’s a Guarantee.

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We can guarantee to save your business money that you would normally spend on the day to day energy costs.  Whether your business is a bar, hotel, office or surgery we can help you to reduce the cost of the energy spend.  Call us today to arrange a survey and let us help you save money and energy. Don’t delay, call today 01-6242393.

Cold Snap!

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The cold snap is having a terrible effect on the water pipes in homes and business premises around the country, both with pipes freezing and bursting.  We can suggest that if you have a light fitting in your attic, where your water tank is located to leave the fitting switched on during the night.  The heat generated from the light bulb with take the chill from the attic space and reduce the possibility of water pipes from freezing.

If however you don’t have a light fitting in your attic, can we suggest that you look into having this work carried out.  As the cost and distribution caused by burst water pipes is really something to avoid. 

A soloution for frozen water pipes is the use of a blow heater or a hair-dryer.

Kickboard lighting

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Kickboard lighting adds atmosphere to modern kitchens, the lights in the picture below are white LED lights which also come in blue.

This is a great way to make a statement in a kitchen, but they also look great in other locations.  Pelmet lighting is the lights that are placed underneath the pelmet, they are great for throwing light onto the working surface of the kitchen workspace.


Blog Action Day

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Blog Action Day 2009

Today is Blog Action Day, when bloggers from around the world all write about one topic for one day. This year that topic is Climate Change. We believe that it is a problem and everyone should do their part to reduce the impact that we all have on this planet.
By taking action in our own homes and places of work, starting today we can have a positive impact and can save some money also.  As we are electrical contractors we have focused on savings that can be made when conserving electricity. We have already suggested some of these in the past from a money and time saving aspect.

  • Turn off your lights when you don’t need them on, how many times do we walk from one room to the next and leave the lights on, there is a soloution to this in the form of latching sensors which when installed will automatically switch the lighting off when an area is unoccupied, dim the lighting when there is sufficient sunlight, switch the ligthing on when you enter the room or area.
  • If you’re not using an appliance, unplug it or have some switched sockets fitted and switch off when not in use.
  • Fit a time clock to your immersion for hot water when you need it.
  • Have an electric shower fitted it uses less water than a bath.
  • Understand your thermostat and turn it down two degrees in Winter and up two degrees in Summer.


This action plan will save you money. If you require any electrical works carried out in this regard contact us for a survey or quote.



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We are delighted to announce that we recently completed the training course run by Smarthomes, to become an Approved Installer of the Smarthomes range of products.  We spent four days at the Smarthomes offices in Dundalk getting familiar with both the equipment and the packages available to both the homeowner and the developer alike.

Further information on the range of products, the benefits and to see the systems in use follow this link to the Smarthomes website.

We will be happy to discuss any queries in relation to the range of products.  


Certified to install alarms!

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I mentioned yesterday that we are now certified to install intruder alarm systems and other electronic security systems, like access control systems and CCTV systems, but very few people are aware of the fact that this area is now covered by legislation.  The Minister who enacted this was Mr. McDowell, it was at the time brought in to cover and licence the manned security area, door men and the like.  It was then extended to cover the electronic area of the industry, regardless of the fact that electricians were trained in the installation and maintenance of the equipment there are also consequences for the client. 

The client who has some electronic security systems installed is ment to check that the supplier/ installer is licenced to carry out this work.  The downside is that the client is at risk of a fine and/or prosecution if they have not checked this regardless of the fact that it is not widely publicized.  So now that you are aware of the fact…… pass it on.  If you know of someone who is getting an alarm system installed let them know to ask the installer if they are licenced and ask to see proof.