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Well summertime is truly here, there has been more sunny days of late than there has cold and rainy days.  We can all use the benefit of the warmer days to our advantage.  When our utility bills arrive they will obviously be less than the previous bill, regardless of the service provider.  The saving can be put to very good use by investing in energy saving bulbs, these are more expensive than the standard bulb but have a greater working life.  That way we can all save!

Don’t Forget…

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Don’t forget to buy some light bulbs, as Murphys Law would have it, bulbs always blow at night when its dark and you need them. So always have a stock on hand and leave them in the same place then you’ll be able to put your hand on them easily even when looking for them in the dark.

Another good idea is to have a torch, new batteries and even candles in the same place for the same reason as the light bulbs. This a good habit to get into, so when you do your shopping this week stock up on bulbs.

CHP the new buzzword on the energy front.

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This is the next big thing on the energy saving front for the retail sector, office, educational instituations and any premises with large energy use.
CHP is for combined heat and power and has already been rolled out. There is a grant available and the balance is tax-deductable. The unit has an average payback of between 3 and 5 years. This initiative is supported by the SEI, Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Energy Show 2009

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Energy Show 2009 to demonstrate Ireland’s Green Economy in action

Ireland’s largest ever trade fair for the sustainable energy sector will see almost 150 Irish and international exhibitors  and over 4000 Irish energy professionals descend on Dublin’s RDS on April 29th and 30th. The annual two day trade exhibition is organised by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) for the purposes of encouraging trade and networking between businesses and professionals in the sector as well as the sharing of expertise, new thinking and innovation in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable technologies. According to Professor J Owen Lewis, Chief Executive SEI; “The show is a very tangible demonstration of Ireland’s ‘Green Economy’ in action.”

We are planning on attending this event and finding some innovative ideas and technologies which we can put to use for our clients at this show.”

Originally held in 1996, the Energy Show has grown significantly in recent years and is now firmly established as the national showcase for the sustainable energy sector. The event attracts a diverse array of exhibitors and visitors, not just from Ireland but from across Europe. While visitors attending the show come from a wide ranging background, the event is specifically aimed at businesses or individuals with a professional interest in or responsibility for energy use.

The Energy Show will showcase the most up to date technologies as well as providing professional advice and guidance from qualified persons operating at the forefront of areas such as Low Carbon Design, Energy Management, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Electric Vehicles, PV and Solar Thermal Energy. This will make it a unique and invaluable source of information for anyone with an interest or involvement in the area of sustainable energy.  This will prove to be a valuable event for our business and that of our customers.

 Additional information on the event can be found on Sustainable Energy Ireland’s website


Awake to hot water

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Wouldn’t it be just lovely to awake to hot water on tap each morning.   At this time of the year we all use our heating systems less and therefore switch over to the immersion for the summer months.  How many times have you switched on the immersion and forgotton to switch it back off.

The solution to this expensive oversight is to have a time clock fitted to the immersion.  Then you can wake up to hot water or set it to warm a bath of water in which to relax and unwind after a hard days work, hot water on tap now what could be better?

Earth Hour

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Earth hour as we all know took place last week, there was a substantial amount of power saved by having this event.  We can all take action that not only saves power for the world around us but also has an effect on the cost of this power to ourselves.

There is a simple action that we can all take.  Replace all old bulbs with energy saving type and fit time clocks to appliances to use electricity more efficiently.

National Rules

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National Rules for Electrical Installations (4th Edition)

We have taken part in the country wide seminar/course  on The National Wiring Rules 4th Edition ET101:2008


This seminar on the Fourth Edition of the National Wiring Rules was run by the Electro-Technical Council of Ireland.