Here’s a Guarantee.

Posted by niamhp on March 18, 2010 under All posts, Electrical | Be the First to Comment

We can guarantee to save your business money that you would normally spend on the day to day energy costs.  Whether your business is a bar, hotel, office or surgery we can help you to reduce the cost of the energy spend.  Call us today to arrange a survey and let us help you save money and energy. Don’t delay, call today 01-6242393.

Earth Hour

Posted by niamhp on April 2, 2009 under All posts, Electrical | Be the First to Comment

Earth hour as we all know took place last week, there was a substantial amount of power saved by having this event.  We can all take action that not only saves power for the world around us but also has an effect on the cost of this power to ourselves.

There is a simple action that we can all take.  Replace all old bulbs with energy saving type and fit time clocks to appliances to use electricity more efficiently.