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Posted by Niamh on November 26, 2009 under Alarms, All posts | Be the First to Comment

Someone posed the question “how many times a year or how often should I get my intruder alarm system serviced?”  The answer is “It depends”, the environment in which the alarms system operates will impact on how often the system requires to be serviced.  If the system is giving a number of false alarm activations then there is a reason for the activations and this should be investigated.

A newly installed alarm may in certain circuminstances require attention when the sensitivity of the sensors might require adjustment, outside influnces that can impact the operation of a system would be heavy passing traffic or even barking dogs.

It is however recommended that domestic systems be checked at least once per year, among the parts of the system that may require attention is the battery.  The battery is one part of the intruder alarm system that is vital, this will enable the system to operate even in the event of a power failure.  The lenght of time that it will operate for will however depend on the battery.

Should you require a service to be carried out on your intruder alarm system please contact Daniel at 0872514860 to arrange a suitable time.

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