Blog Action Day

Posted by Niamh on October 15, 2009 under All posts, Electrical | 2 Comments to Read

Blog Action Day 2009

Today is Blog Action Day, when bloggers from around the world all write about one topic for one day. This year that topic is Climate Change. We believe that it is a problem and everyone should do their part to reduce the impact that we all have on this planet.
By taking action in our own homes and places of work, starting today we can have a positive impact and can save some money also.  As we are electrical contractors we have focused on savings that can be made when conserving electricity. We have already suggested some of these in the past from a money and time saving aspect.

  • Turn off your lights when you don’t need them on, how many times do we walk from one room to the next and leave the lights on, there is a soloution to this in the form of latching sensors which when installed will automatically switch the lighting off when an area is unoccupied, dim the lighting when there is sufficient sunlight, switch the ligthing on when you enter the room or area.
  • If you’re not using an appliance, unplug it or have some switched sockets fitted and switch off when not in use.
  • Fit a time clock to your immersion for hot water when you need it.
  • Have an electric shower fitted it uses less water than a bath.
  • Understand your thermostat and turn it down two degrees in Winter and up two degrees in Summer.


This action plan will save you money. If you require any electrical works carried out in this regard contact us for a survey or quote.