Electrical Safety

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Electrical safety should always be forefront in the mind particularly in the home.  Care should be taken if there is a smell from shower switches, like the one pictured below.  If you happen to smell fish from your switch you should discontinue using the shower. Turn the switch off and call a qualified electrician to check out the wiring and the switch.

Your electrical contractor should be qualified, insured and included on the Safe Electric register.



Annual Inspection

Posted by Niamh on September 1, 2010 under All posts, Electrical, RECI News | Be the First to Comment

While we have many items and systems checked and serviced like our heating boiler or intruder alarm system, we very rarely have a vital part of our home given an annual inspection.  The vital part I refer to is the wiring and fuse board/consumer board.

Over time the installation deteriorates, the insulation becomes brittle and often falls away from the copper within the cabling, this causes arcing and in trun may lead to a fire.

Having the electrics tested and inspected will give you piece of mind that your installation is up to current standards and is safe.

RECI recommend that the electrical installation should be tested and checked about every five years.  For more information from the RECI website about home safety check this link http://www.reci.ie/ConsumerServices/HomeSafety/tabid/58/Default.aspx