Energy Saving Bulbs, savings made easy with Eco Bulbz App.

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If you are considering replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy saving bulbs and would like to know how much money you would save by carrying out this task, then look no further than a great little App, Eco-Bulbz to figure that out.

Eco Bulbz is available at both the App Store and the Android Market.  The instructions on the app itself are easy to follow.

So it’s easy to see the benefits of replacing bulbs for energy saving bulbs as you will see the amount of money saved over a year of use.

Download the App now and see how much you could save.

Here’s the link to the App Store

Or the full paid version link





Download your copy now to see how much money you would save by simply replacing bulbs, plus you will also be saving energy.

CHP the new buzzword on the energy front.

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This is the next big thing on the energy saving front for the retail sector, office, educational instituations and any premises with large energy use.
CHP is for combined heat and power and has already been rolled out. There is a grant available and the balance is tax-deductable. The unit has an average payback of between 3 and 5 years. This initiative is supported by the SEI, Sustainable Energy Ireland.

Earth Hour

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Earth hour as we all know took place last week, there was a substantial amount of power saved by having this event.  We can all take action that not only saves power for the world around us but also has an effect on the cost of this power to ourselves.

There is a simple action that we can all take.  Replace all old bulbs with energy saving type and fit time clocks to appliances to use electricity more efficiently.