Its Official!

Posted by Niamh on September 1, 2009 under Alarms, All posts | Be the First to Comment

Well its official now, we have received our licence as issued by the PSA – Private Security Authority. This is now your guarantee that An Garda Siochana has vetted us. Our workmanship has been tested and verified as having reached the required standard for the installation of intruder alarm systems. The Chief Executive Officer of the PSA, Geraldine Larkin, has issued our licence.

Not only has our quality of workmanship been tested and checked but our document and record keeping has been checked and confirmed as reaching the standard as set down in EN50131 and SR40. This is to enable you the client to have quotations received in writing and to be able to compare like with like, to cut out the jargon and give specifications in plain English.

This is an ideal time to have your alarm system installed or indeed serviced before the dark evenings are upon us. We all rely on our alarm systems every day and night and it is only when it is broken that we are put in a vulnerable position. So now is a good time to have it checked and serviced.


Certified to install alarms!

Posted by Niamh on August 11, 2009 under Alarms, All posts, Electrical, Latest News | Be the First to Comment

I mentioned yesterday that we are now certified to install intruder alarm systems and other electronic security systems, like access control systems and CCTV systems, but very few people are aware of the fact that this area is now covered by legislation.  The Minister who enacted this was Mr. McDowell, it was at the time brought in to cover and licence the manned security area, door men and the like.  It was then extended to cover the electronic area of the industry, regardless of the fact that electricians were trained in the installation and maintenance of the equipment there are also consequences for the client. 

The client who has some electronic security systems installed is ment to check that the supplier/ installer is licenced to carry out this work.  The downside is that the client is at risk of a fine and/or prosecution if they have not checked this regardless of the fact that it is not widely publicized.  So now that you are aware of the fact…… pass it on.  If you know of someone who is getting an alarm system installed let them know to ask the installer if they are licenced and ask to see proof.